4 Warning Signs That You Should Switch Auto Insurance Companies


Everyone should have a healthy relationship with their insurance company. Are you happy with the way your insurer treats you? Here are a few red flags that suggest switching your insurance company is the right thing to do.


#1. Unexpected Premium Increases

There are quite a lot of insurance providers who “price optimize,” which means they’re slowly increasing your rates to see how sensitive you are to change.


#2. Lack of Benefits

Would you choose a fast food place that offers free drink top off over another that doesn’t but the food is relatively the same? This is how you should think about an insurance company that doesn’t offer certain benefits, and here are three popular ones that are a must.

  1. Rental Car Coverage
  2. Good Driver/Good student discounts
  3. Bunding Home and Auto discounts


#3. Poor Customer Service

This is an excellent reason to leave any business, store, or cancel a contract. Ideally, you wouldn’t be spending much time with your insurance provider, but you should be treated right when you have to do so.


#4. Your Policy is up for renewal

Most car insurance companies renew policies at regular intervals of 6 or 12 months. This is a good reminder that other options are available and check what other providers could offer you. After all, it’s all about finding the better deal, so feel free to.


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