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Check the phonebook, do an internet search. San Francisco is full of attorneys. How do you find the right lawyer for your situation? At Legal Chiefs, our services help you find a lawyer with the specialty you need and then zeroes in on the right ones for you, from San Francisco based car accident attorneys, to immigration and family lawyers.


Personal Injury

Getting hurt is no joke. Hospital bills are outrageous, even with insurance. If someone else is at fault for your injuries, you need to speak with a personal injury lawyer who serves the San Francisco area. Attorneys who specialize in personal injury law will work with you and your medical team to understand the full extent of your injuries and then help you get the compensation you are entitled to.


Automobile Injury Lawyer

San Francisco driving and navigation isn’t easy, but that is no excuse in an accident. A good San Francisco car accident attorney can help you figure out how the person who caused the accident can make it right. From paying for repairs to your car to paying for medical bills and even a rental while your car is in the shop, our San Francisco based car accident attorneys work for your best interests.

Immigration Law

Don’t get lost in the immigration system. Immigration law doesn’t have to be daunting. With the right immigration law attorney who specializes in the San Francisco area, you can sleep well at night knowing that your paperwork is complete and accurate and that you have all of the documents you will need. Let us help you find the right immigration lawyer in San Francisco for your case.


Family Law

Family law involves a lot of domestic situations. Divorce is the most common area, but there is also adoption, custody agreements, prenuptial agreements, and when necessary, protective orders. In every case, you want a specialist that has experience in family law cases in San Francisco. Our network of attorneys is just what you need.


When you need legal advice or representation in San Francisco, contact Legal Chiefs by calling 888-312-2609 or visit our website now.