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No matter how many times you hear, “Call my lawyer,” on TV shows or in the movies, the reality is that lawyers are like doctors; they specialize in specific areas of law. That is why, when you need an attorney, you need a specialist. That’s what we do at Legal Chiefs. We help connect people in San Diego with the right lawyers for their needs, from San Diego based car accident lawyers, to immigration and family lawyers.


Personal Injury

If you get injured, and it was someone else’s fault, you are entitled to compensation. Medical bills add up quickly, even with health insurance, not to mention your pain and suffering and missed time from work. A personal injury lawyer in San Diego will review your case and help show you what your options are. Even if the insurance company offers a settlement, you need your own San Diego based car accident lawyers to review it and make sure your rights are protected.


Car Accident Lawyers

Car accidents can have complicated legal implications such as property damage to all cars involved, potential third-party property damage, and injuries to you, your passengers, and other motorists. If the other driver is at fault, you may be entitled to compensation. Our list of car accident lawyers in San Diego will help you find the right auto injury lawyer for your situation. 

Immigration Law

U.S. immigration law can be confusing and complex, and here in San Diego, the backlog is huge, so you don’t want to have to start over if you’re trying to navigate the system. Fortunately, the right San Diego immigration law attorney can simplify the process and help you understand exactly what you need to do, where you need to be, and what documents you may need to supply. They’ll make sure your application is complete and correct so there is no reason to be denied based on a technicality.


Family Law

If you’re growing your family through adoption or marriage, or if your family dynamic is changing due to divorce or separation, you know it can be an emotional and complicated process. Your family and your relationships are extremely important to you. That’s why you need an attorney who specializes in family law in San Diego to work with you.



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