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Three years of law school and an exam widely regarded as one of the toughest around—that is how you get to be an attorney. Only after that can you develop specialized legal skills. It’s hard to become a lawyer, but we made it easy to find one. Even with a list of experienced attorneys, it would be difficult to find the right one. That is why our list is indexed and sorted by expertise and other characteristics. Our Dade county automobile accident attorneys, personal injury, and immigration lawyers are here to help.


Personal Injury

If you’ve been hurt, you need someone to start protecting your rights immediately. The insurance companies have Dade County injury attorneys working from day one, so your attorney can’t fall too far behind. That is why our database makes finding a personal injury lawyer and automobile accident attorneys in the Dade County area simple and quick.


Car Accident Attorneys

The time to start protecting your rights in an auto accident is as soon as the debris is cleaned off the street. Attorneys are not hard to find, but finding the right attorney can be tricky. Use Legal Chiefs today and get access to a huge database for lawyers that are right for you. Find an automobile accident attorney in Dade County that specializes in car accidents through Legal Chiefs.

Immigration Law

In Dade County, immigration service centers and courts can be extremely busy. They may not have time to inform you of all your rights and responsibilities, even if they know them all. Instead, you must rely on an attorney that specializes in immigration law. Find them in our database!

Family Law

Divorces are never easy. Adding a prenup or other agreement makes them more complicated. Dividing up property is difficult, but doesn’t even compare to deciding custody arrangements for children. The only way to keep everything working for you and your family is to get a family law specialist; find yours at Legal Chiefs.


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