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We hear it all the time on TV: “You’ll be hearing from my lawyer.” But the truth is, most people don’t have a lawyer conveniently standing by. Even if they did, not all attorneys specialize in all types of law. The lawyer who protects your business and enforces your contracts is great for your company, but chances are he’s not the right person to help with an injury or auto accident. Legal Chiefs is where you can find one who is.


Personal Injury Lawyers

A personal injury lawyer is critical to have in your corner when you’ve been injured and it isn’t your fault. Insurance companies have lawyers fighting to protect their best interests. Your rights should be protected just as fiercely. Find a Berkeley personal injury lawyer to fight for you through Legal Chiefs now.


Car Accident Attorneys

Some car accident attorneys in Berkeley like to throw money around on TV ads and billboards. They might be the right choice for some people, but are they the right choice for you? With Legal Chiefs, you can select a Berkeley car accident attorney who fits your exact needs without having to write down the phone number from the bottom of the screen.

Auto Wreck

A car accident happens in seconds. Its effects can last a lifetime. You need an auto wreck attorney in Berkeley who will fight for your rights and take into account not just what you need today but also expenses and burdens down the road. Be sure to find the right car accident attorney in Berkeley to represent you using the Legal Chiefs website.


Injury Lawyer

Injured? It isn’t fun, and all of the well wishes in the world won’t begin to cover hospital bills, prescriptions, or lost wages. What will cover those things is the settlement you get when an experienced Berkeley injury lawyer protects your rights and secures everything you are entitled to.

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